Minnesota Secretary Of State - Sec. Simon Awards NASS Medallion Award to CAPI
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Sec. Simon Awards NASS Medallion Award to CAPI

August 15, 2023

SAINT PAUL – On August 15, Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon awarded the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) Medallion Award to CAPI, a nonprofit that connects immigrants, refugees, and U.S.-born persons of color with the resources they need to thrive. The award honors the organization for its outstanding service and dedication to furthering the mission of NASS within Minnesota.

“Our office depends on strong partnerships to ensure we are supporting and providing access to the ballot for all Minnesotans who are eligible to vote,” said Secretary Simon. “As the son of an immigrant, the efforts by CAPI to empower the immigrant and refugee communities are personal to me and I am deeply grateful for their contributions to our democracy.” 

CAPI’s organizers have increased voter and civic engagement through door knocks, phone banks, educational events, and making voting more accessible by promoting materials in various languages. Within their community, they ensure no voice is left unheard and support even their youngest members by participating in events in schools, instilling voter and civic engagement even before the voting age. 

"CAPI's mission is to guide refugees and immigrants in their journey toward self-determination and social equality. Democratic participation is critical for our community's ability to thrive,” said Mary Niedermeyer, Interim CEO, CAPI USA. “I'm proud of our team and what we've accomplished in the community through our census, voter education, and participation work."

About CAPI  

CAPI is a 501(c)(3) social services nonprofit that has served refugees and immigrants in the Twin Cities for over 40 years. CAPI's Civic Engagement and Public Policy Team works to empower new immigrants and refugees by increasing voter participation, advocating to make services more accessible to limited English speakers, and promoting immigrant and refugee input into publicly financed initiatives to ensure their voices are heard and gains are made. For more information, visit capiusa.org or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  

About the NASS Medallion Award  

The NASS Medallion Award was created to honor individuals, groups, or organizations with an established record of promoting the goals of NASS in one or more of the following areas: 

  • Elections, with special emphasis on voter education and participation 
  • Civic education, including the teaching, promotion, and study of this subject 
  • Service to state government, specifically as it relates to the duties of the office of the Secretary of State 
  • A commitment to giving – a business or individual whose philanthropic contributions have significantly enhanced the quality of life in a local or regional area within a state, or within an entire state

Award recipients should reflect the mission, purposes, and objectives of NASS as outlined in the NASS Constitution, Bylaws, and other relevant NASS policies. They should also promote the same dignity, ideals, and stature that NASS has come to represent over the years.