Minnesota Secretary Of State - State Canvassing Board Certifies Results of 2022 Primary Election and Congressional District 1 Special Election
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State Canvassing Board Certifies Results of 2022 Primary Election and Congressional District 1 Special Election

August 16, 2022

793,236 Minnesotans voted in the August 9 Primary Election

Secretary of State Steve Simon today convened the State Canvassing Board to review the canvass report for the August 9, 2022 elections and certify the results. The board certified the primary election results of contests in five Congressional Districts and state legislative and judicial offices, in addition to the results of the Congressional District 1 Special Election.

“The State Canvassing Board has today certified Minnesota's 2022 Primary Election and Congressional District 1 Special General Election results,” said Secretary Steve Simon. “The certification verifies that local and county election officials checked their work closely and found the election to be secure and accurate.”

The total number of voters for the primary election was 793,236. That means about 19 percent of eligible Minnesotans participated.* This is higher than the 10-year average of primary voter participation which is about 15%. Voter participation in primary elections can vary widely depending on the contests and issues on the ballot.

*An official voter turnout percentage cannot be calculated for the primary election as the estimate for total eligible voters has not been updated for 2022.

Minnesota State Primary Voter Participation Percentages: 2012, 9.32%; 2014, 10.19%; 2016, 7.42%; 2018, 22.77%; 2020, 22.25%; 2022, 19%

“Elections are a team effort, and I am grateful for each of the nearly 30,000 election workers who conducted this election.” Secretary Simon said. “Our elections are conducted by our neighbors, friends, and family who take pride in their work of supporting and uplifting our democracy.”

The State Canvassing Board is called pursuant to Article VII, Section 8 of the Constitution of the State of Minnesota, which states: “The returns of every election for officeholders elected statewide shall be made to the secretary of state who shall call to his assistance two or more of the judges of the supreme court and two disinterested judges of the district courts. They shall constitute a board of canvassers to canvass the returns and declare the result within three days after the canvass.”

Secretary of State Simon extended his thanks to the Justices and Judges who served on this canvassing board to certify the election results: Justice G. Barry Anderson, Minnesota Supreme Court; Justice Anne K. McKeig, Minnesota Supreme Court; Judge Jodi L. Williamson, Third Judicial District Court; Judge Karen R. Duncan, Third Judicial District Court.