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Most entities need to be renewed yearly to stay active in Minnesota.

The good news is that renewing your business is QUICK, EASY, and for most entity types, FREE. There are three ways to renew (Online filings are the easiest and fastest method of renewal):


File your renewal online

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(Click HERE for instructions)

File via paper and mail it to us

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(Click HERE for our FORMS AND FEES section)

Make an appointment and file in person

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Common Questions about Renewals



"I can't find my business on your business search!"

To keep our business search results manageable, we have separate search options for active and inactive businesses.

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If you cannot find your business after your initial search, check the spelling of your business name or flip the Filing Status toggle to "Inactive" and try your search again.

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"Why is my business inactive?"

One of the reasons your business might be inactive is for failure to file an annual renewal. If a Limited Liability Company, for example, did not file a renewal by the date it was due, it will be what is called "Administratively Terminated". This means that in order to become active again, you must file a Reinstatement (Click HERE for instructions on filing a reinstatement).

The good news is that, once the reinstatement is filed and the filing fee paid, your business will be active again (But don't forget to renew the following year!)


"How do I know if I need to file a renewal?"

When you search for your business online, you will find your 'Business Records Details' page, which shows the next renewal due date.

Renewal Date

The date shown is when your next renewal is DUE BY. You may file your renewal at any point during the calendar year it's due. In the above example, you can file a renewal anytime between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023.

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"Someone filed on my business and it wasn't me!"

Often times, if someone has filed a renewal on your business and didn't change anything, this may be a tax professional or a lawyer doing it for you. If there WERE changes, someone may be trying to use your business to commit fraud. If that is the case, contact law enforcement.


"Why should I renew my business?"

Keeping your registration active has many purposes, namely most banks or agencies won't help an inactive business. Other reasons include:

  • Avoid dissolution for failure to file a renewal (no longer recognized as active in Minnesota).
  • Avoid Reinstatement fees.
  • Avoid your business name being taken by someone else.
  • Beware of outside offers to file the renewal for you, when you can do it yourself by accessing the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State State’s online MBLS system.

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"How can I avoid business fraud?"

Business Fraud is a major concern for not just Minnesota businesses, but also worldwide. Some ways you can help manage your registration to minimize fraud include:

  • Note your renewal due date in your business calendar and file the renewal on time.
  • Make sure to maintain a valid official email address on file to receive renewal reminders and notifications when changes are made to your business.
  • File any changes to your business in a timely manner, such as address, registered agent, name change, or other changes.
  • Check your business details on the Minnesota Secretary of State State’s online MBLS system. If changes have been made without your permission, correct your business record.