Minnesota Secretary Of State - 2013-2014 Legislative Manual (Blue Book)
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2013-2014 Legislative Manual (Blue Book)

The Minnesota Legislative Manual (Blue Book) is a reference guide containing information about Minnesota, its government and elected officials.  It is prepared and published every two years by the Office of the Secretary of State.


2013–2014 Minnesota Legislative Manual (Blue Book)

Links to PDF documents:

Foreword and Table of Contents.pdf

Chapter   1 - Minnesota in Profile.pdf

Chapter   2 - Founding Documents.pdf

Chapter   3 - State Legislature.pdf

Chapter   4 - State Executive Offices.pdf

Chapter   5 - State Agencies.pdf

Chapter   6 - State Judiciary.pdf

Chapter   7 - Local Government.pdf

Chapter   8 - Federal Government.pdf

Chapter   9 - Tribal Government.pdf

Chapter 10 - Minnesota Elections.pdf




2013–2014 Blue Book Pocket Edition.pdf