Minnesota Secretary Of State - The Online (pre)Registration* Form, Page by Page
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The Online (pre)Registration* Form, Page by Page

*(pre)Register is the term we use to cover both registering AND preregistering to vote.

Every Minnesota voter must be registered to vote before they can get their ballot.  (pre)Registering to vote is quick and easy.  This page will walk through the 3-or-4-minute process and the 5 pages on the online form.


As always, we want to hear your questions and comments.  Write us anytime!


The Online Voter (pre)Registration Form, Page by Page


PAGE 1:  Citizenship, AGE



PAGE 2: Full name, birthdate, state id number or Social Security number



Page 3: Full address (zip code, street pull-down menu, Apartment)



Page 4: Review the information you gave



Last page: Swear a) you understand the form and b) you told the truth