Minnesota Secretary Of State - Examples of College and University Outreach
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Examples of College and University Outreach

This page is a repository of examples for your postsecondary institution to use as inspiration for the elections registration and education work you do on your campus.  Bookmark it!  We will keep adding to it.

If you have an elections web page, PDF, flyer, poster, video, or anything else to share, SEND THEM (or a link to them) HERE.









Mock Election with Speaker Event


Event Outline







Change in Approach to Classroom Presentations

Class Raps are short one to two minute speeches before, during, or after class to talk about a particular ask, program, and/or organization. Class Raps are used in voter engagement to solicit students to (pre)register to vote, learn about early voting options, or sign a pledge to vote card. Class raps that are given enthusiastic introductions by their instructor have received substantially higher percentages of completed forms than those who are not given any introduction. (adapted from https://apiavote.org/youth-test/)


How to do a Class Rap

Additional Information:

  • Customize your class rap according to your organization, audience, and personality!
  • Have a BIG QR CODE for students to use to get to the voter (pre)registration page.
  • Have them (pre)register while you are there is given the time by the instructor; online registration takes 3.5 minutes if they have a State ID Number or the last 4 digits of their Social Security number.
  • If not allowed in this first class rap time, ask instructor to be able to do another five minutes later on to do a walkthrough of the five pages while they (pre)register.