Minnesota Secretary Of State - Election Judge Trainees (16 and 17 Year-Olds)
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Election Judge Trainees (16 and 17 Year-Olds)


When Minnesotan's vote on Election Day, they go to their local polling place (a room/building chosen to let people in that area vote).  All of the people working at the polling place are Election Judges, neighbors hired to help people vote.  This page will share what Election Judge Trainees do, and how you can apply to be one.


At any point, if you have questions, just reach out!



What is an Election Judge

"Election Judge" is Minnesota's name for a person who helps run the elections at the polling place.


What do Election Judges do?

There are a series of jobs they do on Election Day at different tables/stations (see what a polling place might look like below), including welcoming voters, checking if they are registered, registering voters, giving out ballots, explaining the ballot/voting process, helping at the tabulator (the machine where ballots are counted), handing out I Voted stickers, and more!  They also help set up the polling place beforehand, and gather/organize things afterward.


Election Judge Trainee?
How is that different from Election Judge?

Election Judge Trainees (EJTs) do the same work as an Election Judge except for anything requiring a political party.  EJTs are not allowed to declare a political party, or do the things that need two EJs from two political parties (e.g., curbside voting, helping voters at the voting booth).   

EJTs may work anywhere in their own county or in any county that touches their home county.  Adult Election Judges may work anywhere in the state.


Do you get paid?

Yes!  Hourly pay varies from place to place, but you can expect $10-$17 an hour, including pay for a couple hours of training. (Check the web page for the city where you are applying, or ask the city/town clerk how much the pay is there.)  The work day is a long one, generally 6 a.m. to around 9 p.m.

You get more than money:

  • Learn first-hand how elections are run 
  • Help make your local polling place more welcoming for young voters
  • Impress your parents and teachers
  • Help less tech-savvy Election Judges
  • Looks great on resumes and college applications welcoming for young voters 


How do I sign up to be an Election Judge Trainee?

Each city/town (and some counties) do their own hiring of Election Judges and EJTs.  So you want to reach out directly.  Look to the links on the right for more information.

What does a polling place look like?

(Here are two examples:)

One entrance/exit polling place sample layout

One entrance/exit polling place sample layout

Separate entrance and exit polling place sample layout

Separate entrance and exit polling place sample layout