Minnesota Secretary Of State - Application Assistants
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Application Assistants

*COVID-19 RESPONSE UPDATE: Application assistants may hold face-to-face meetings with applicants using remote capability, however the applicant signature and initialing of the application checklist must be performed in-person.* 

The only way to apply to Safe at Home is with the help of a Safe at Home Application Assistant. An application assistant is a victim advocate who has been specially trained to assist eligible people to apply to Safe at Home. A person who wants to enroll in Safe at Home meets face-to-face with an application assistant to discuss their safety concerns. The application assistant generally explains how Safe at Home works, and together the person and the application assistant determine whether applying to Safe at Home is a good safety step for the person to take. If they decide that joining Safe at Home is appropriate, the application assistant helps the applicant with the Safe at Home application paperwork.