Minnesota Secretary Of State - Annual Reports and Outreach Plans
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Annual Reports and Outreach Plans

One of the requirements for postsecondary institutions is to submit to the Secretary of State's Office both an annual report regarding voter outreach efforts at the school and the voter outreach plan for the next year; these can be combined.  The due date is November 30 each year.

This page will outline the report and plan requirements, offer suggestions for additional materials and information to include, answer submitted questions, and post examples from Minnesota colleges and universities.

If you have questions or want to make suggestions for this page, just let us know.




What is Required for the Report and Plan


More Details



Institutions must report to the secretary of state by November 30 of each year on their implementation of this section.  MN Statute 201.061 Subd. 1 (d)

"This section" refers to whole of 201.1611 (see next entry for minimum reporting areas).  You may receive reminders in the months before with the deadline and a link to the reporting form.

  • Set a calendar reminders NOW for each year's deadlines, leaving plenty of time to get things completed
  • Keep a log of communications and a folder of examples
  • Have a kitchen cabinet of campus representatives to suggest what to include in the report beyond the required parts.

At a minimum, the report must include how and when the forms were distributed and the voter engagement plan under subdivision 3, paragraph (b), clause (2). 
MN Statute 201.061 Subd. 1 (d)

From that clause, it directs, "consult with the campus student association to develop a voter engagement plan that identifies goals and activities, resources to accomplish the identified goals and activities, and individual or key departments responsible for executing the identified goals and activities."  Because the 'goals and activities' are not specified (and best practices and effective, ingenious examples of outreach efforts and materials continue to be developed and refined), using the work of other institutions as resource and inspiration is extremely helpful.  Your campus will naturally customize to meet your unique needs.  Look to the right for some resources in the development or refreshment of your voter outreach plan.

Institutions may include information about methods that were effective in increasing student registrations.
MN Statute 201.061 Subd. 1 (d)

The reporting form has an optional (but encouraged) question for reporting what worked.  What events, processes, graphics, messages, etc. were effective and well received by your students? We will share examples on this web page.