Minnesota Secretary Of State - Secretary of State Steve Simon Encourages Minnesotans to Vote in August 8 Elections
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Secretary of State Steve Simon Encourages Minnesotans to Vote in August 8 Elections

July 27, 2023

Find out if there is an election in your area at mnvotes.gov/pollfinder 

SAINT PAUL – On July 27, Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon and lawmakers from the Duluth area encouraged Minnesotans to vote in the August 8 Primary and Special Elections in eligible areas including Duluth. This will be the first Election Day in Minnesota since more than 55,000 people regained the right to vote through a law change that restored eligibility to those with felony convictions who are not currently incarcerated. 

“Voting season is already here in Minnesota and now is the time to find out if you have an election in your community to make your voice heard,” said Secretary Simon. “We know the big statewide contests get a lot of attention, but local elections truly make an impact in the day-to-day lives of Minnesotans.” 

Minnesotans can find out if there is a primary or special election in their area by using the online Polling Place Finder at mnvotes.gov/pollfinder.  

New Election Laws 

Over the next year, Minnesotans will notice improved ease in casting their ballots as legislation passed in the 2023 session goes into effect. New laws include provisions to guarantee paid time off work to vote any time during the 46-day absentee voting period, extended in-person voting hours on weekends leading up to elections, a permanent absentee ballot list, and more.  

“Expanding access to the ballot is the right thing to do for everyone in our state,” said Secretary Simon. “By ensuring that all those who are eligible to vote have the opportunity to vote, we are creating a more representative democracy that expresses the freedoms established by our nation’s founders.”  

Learn more about Minnesota’s new election laws.

Upcoming Elections 

Municipalities will hold their general elections on November 7, 2023, with voting beginning on September 22, 2023.  

The next statewide election will be the Presidential Nominating Primary, which will be held on March 5, 2024. Eligible voters can begin to cast ballots in the primary on January 19, 2024.