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Data Practice Requests

Office Policy for Data Practices Requests

The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State (OSS) serves as a depository for certain public data, especially related to businesses and elections. In accordance with Minnesota Statutes, this office routinely produces several types of lists, which are available on the office’s Web site or provided in accordance with Minnesota Statutes, chapters 5, 13, and 201. Order forms for these standard products are available on the office’s website

It is important to note that Minnesota Statutes, chapter 13, states that OSS is not required to provide materials that do not already exist. However, this office may make arrangements with a requester to provide such customized materials for a fee. Requests for public data from this office are administered by Bibi Black, Data Practices Compliance Officer.


Inspection of Public Data

Materials may be inspected free of charge. Requesters will be assessed a fee for any copies requested. Requesters may use their own scanner or copier to copy inspected material, except when such an act may damage the inspected material. Computer data may be inspected on a computer screen. If this is not possible, a copy of computer data will be provided at no charge.


Copies of Public Data

Minnesota Statutes, section 13.03 authorizes this office to charge a requester for actual costs associated with searching for and retrieving government data, including the cost of employee time for producing, certifying, and electronically transmitting copies of data. This office cannot charge for separating public data from non-public data. Data requests totaling 100 pages or less are charged 25 cents per page. Larger data requests are charged a rate of 3 cents per copy plus staff time, which is billed at the hourly rate of the office employee involved in the effort, plus the actual hourly costs of that employee’s benefits.

Prior to collection and delivery of customized data, OSS will provide the requester a cost estimate. OSS reserves the right to waive charges for data requests.

OSS will gather, copy and deliver the data requested to the requester within a reasonable time. The length of time required to produce data will vary depending upon the size and breadth of the request, the need to redact non-public data, and other external factors.


Journalists, Members of the Media, Researchers and Persons with Non-Commercial Uses

If you are a journalist, member of the media, researcher, or person with a Non-Commercial Use, the Business Services database of entities is available to you at no charge. For further details, see  Non-Commercial Request Form.


Method of Payment

Requesters who are not journalists, researchers, members of the media or who do not have a non-commercial use must present payment prior to delivery of data. This office does not accept credit card payment. Requesters may pay by check, cash or money order. Checks should be addressed to the “Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State.”

Standard products and customized business data practices requests not transmitted electronically can be picked up at the Business Center counter at First National Bank Building, 332 Minnesota Street, Suite N201, St Paul, MN 55101. Parking is available in the building.

Customized elections data practices requests can be picked up from the Veterans Service Building (20 W. 12th Street, Suite 210, St. Paul, Minnesota) by making advanced arrangements with Bibi Black, Data Practices Compliance Officer, 651-201-1326, or bibi.black@state.mn.us.


Accommodations / Alternative Formats

Should you need data in an alternative format or to accommodate a disability, please contact Bibi Black, Data Practices Compliance Officer, 651-201-1326, or bibi.black@state.mn.us.

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The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.