Minnesota Secretary Of State - Reappointment After Your Commission Expires
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Reappointment After Your Commission Expires

If you have a notary commission and it has expired, you must complete a Notary Application and mail it in, along with the $120 non-refundable fee.


Make sure to:

  • Read the instructions before completing the Notary Application.
  • Check the Reappointment Application Type on the form.
  • Update any information that has changed.
  • Answer the four questions.
  • Complete the Criminal Background Check form, if you answered yes to any of the four questions.
  • Sign and date the Notary Application form, and the BCA form, if applicable.
  • Include the $120 non-refundable fee.

The commission certificate is sent by US mail to your residential address.

Next Steps:


County Recording of Commission

  • Register your commission with your county of residence. County contact information is included in the commission certificate instructions.
  • The fee for recording your commission at the county is $20.

“Failure to register with your residential county may result in a civil penalty fee (usually larger than the county recording fee) imposed by the Commissioner of the Department of Commerce of Minnesota, who is responsible for the enforcement actions pertaining to a notary’s misconduct.”

  • Purchase a notary stamp.
  • Obtain a journal to keep a record of your notarial acts (optional).
  • Visit our online Notary Help to find a notary, for FAQ’s, Minnesota Notary Laws, and to find answers on how to file a Renewal, Reappointment or change an address online or by mail.
  • If you are seeking additional training and education (optional), visit our Notary Training & Supplies page to view a list of organizations that provide these services.