Minnesota Secretary Of State - Central Notification System (CNS) Forms
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Central Notification System (CNS) Forms

The following forms are available as pdfs.

Click here to see the Central Notification (CNS) Fee Schedule. 


The Effective Financing (EFS)/Statutory Lien Notice (CNS-1) form is used by secured parties or lienholders to protect their security interests. This form is an Effective Financing Statement unless the Statutory Lien box is marked.  A statutory lien is filed by the lienholder (i.e. veterinarian, crop sprayer, landlord). 

CNS - 1.pdf



The Effective Financing Statement/Statutory Lien Statement of Continuation and Termination (CNS – 3) form is used to file continuations and terminations only, CNS filings, cannot be amended. In order to change information on a CNS filing, the existing filing must be terminated and a new filing created to capture the new information.

CNS - 3.pdf



Many of these services are available online. Go here to use our online system, or go here for instructions.

Mail forms to:

Minnesota Secretary of State - Uniform Commercial Code  
First National Bank Building
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Saint Paul, MN 55101