Minnesota Secretary Of State - Accepted Absentee Ballot List Requests
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Accepted Absentee Ballot List Requests

A list of voters with accepted absentee and mail ballots in upcoming state primaries or general elections, or special elections for state and federal offices, is available for a fee, as detailed below on this page. (Minnesota Statutes 203B.12) Voters who used absentee ballots in past elections are available as part of Registered Voter Lists.

 Please note: This information is only available to registered Minnesota voters, and may only be used for purposes related to elections, political activities, or law enforcement. (Minnesota Statutes 201.091)

Placing an order

Use the accepted absentee ballot list request form to get data for the 2024 Presidential Nomination Primary. Requestors may choose to have the list run on any business day after the opening of the absentee balloting period. Return the form and payment in-person or by mail to: Office of the Secretary of State, Voter Registration Lists, First National Bank Building, 332 Minnesota Street, Suite N201, Saint Paul, MN 55101.

To request accepted absentee ballot data for elections that are NOT federal or state elections, contact the jurisdiction (for example, city or school district) that is administering absentee or mail balloting for the election.

Cost & Payment

Reports covering the whole state are $46. Reports covering any area within the state are $30.

You may pay with check, money order, or cash (in-person only--do not send cash in the mail). Credit card payment is not accepted at this time.

Delivery Options

Orders are delivered via email. Orders will be ready between 1 and 10 business days after receiving the order.

Report Formats

Reports come in comma-delimited text format which can be opened in most spreadsheet and database programs. Users are responsible for having the necessary software and technical knowledge to access this data--this office does NOT offer support for using this data with specific software applications.

The report will be current as of the time it is run.

Note that the names of voters whose absentee ballot has not been accepted is not public information until the close of voting on election day.

Accepted Absentee List Report Description and Sample File
Report Name Data included Text file
Accepted Absentee List Voter name, address, voter ID, AB request ID, date accepted, election description, county, MCD, precinct, school district code, other district codes sample